Unconditional goodness and self-worth
There’s a big difference between ordinary confidence and genuine confidence.
You could say that ordinary confidence is based on some kind of reference point or relationship.
Often, if you feel confident it’s because you’re comparing your abilities with those of someone else, or it might have to do with something in the outside world that you’re relating to.
So what is genuine confidence? 

Genuine confidence has very little to do with comparisons and relationships. 
It is actually based on an unconditional experience of your own goodness and sense of self-worth, regardless of circumstances. 
We can experience this through meditation. Unfortunately, in today’s society it’s increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of self-worth, and therefore the experience of genuine confidence remains elusive. 

We might say that a lack of self-worth or self-esteem is one of the biggest problems we face, and it manifests in many ways. 
Tragically, low self-esteem is good for business! In the material world, there are advertisements of all kinds suggesting that we could and should be more this, less that.  Maybe an add is asking us to buy shampoo so that our hair is more beautiful. Somehow it triggers something in us because we have this lack of self-confidence, not just about our hair, but about our own self-worth in general.

To be clear, genuine confidence has nothing to do with being better or worse than anyone else. We don’t boost our genuine confidence by undermining other people’s. It doesn’t work that way. Everyone has this basic goodness within them, and everyone has the ability to connect with it. When we connect with our own goodness, our own confidence, we can actually radiate that.

And so instead of burdening others with a sense of negativity, jealousy and competitiveness, we can radiate a sense of openness, acceptance, honesty, joy and kindness and all those good qualities. It’s a much better way to behave in the world, don’t you think? And it all comes about through meditation practice: through uncovering a basic sense of well-being and discovering genuine confidence.
Half day program and we give you an audio confidence meditation.


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