Video by Marcus Schmiecke  (TimeWaver and Healy)

 And this interview from the founder, explains it all 

HEALY is an AMAZING revolutionary device - utilising leading-edge science and quantum physics, to powerfully support and boost our daily life and performance!

Developed in Germany by the TimeWaver company - world leaders in medical and information field technology - the Healy device scans and measures your various body frequencies, then delivers back to you specific optimum frequencies for your cells, organs, systems, emotional and mental states to get back to wellbeing, balance and alignment.
Healy is now used by thousands in over 45 countries around the world, providing excellent support - in better circulation, sleep, detox, pain management and energetic balance. Based on established Micro-frequency, Bioresonance, and Informational Field operating principles - Healy is a phenomenal gift for the whole family!

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