1. Click on this Wise logo     
  2. Choose Personal & proceed to Register 
  3. Insert amount in RM to IDR
  4. Choose personal transfer
  5. Fill up your personal details 
  6. Sending Money to: Someone Else
  7. Fill up recipient details (please find the details below)
  8. Verification of Your Employment status
  9. Provide your occupation details
  10. Verification of your Government ID & Selfie
  11. Reason of Transfer: Pay for goods and services
  12. Review your transfer details
  13. Choose Online FPX for your convenience
  14. Choose your bank
  15. Continue to pay, redirect to the Bank site 
  16. Share your receipt to 0102542019   Done
  17. Check Your Email. Sometimes they refund your money due to identity verification are not clear.

Recipient Details:

 ACC HOLDER: Sasanti Paramita Rahayu

 ACC NUMBER: 7023249787

 BANK NAME: Pt. Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk. 

 EMAIL ADDRESS: auk.murat@gmail.com

Should you have any questions, kindly contact 0102542019 (Erli)

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